Hedge Trimming Service

An integral part of the design of any garden, hedges and shrubs bring beauty, form and structure but, like your other plants, they also need care and maintenance if you want to get the best from them. With the right pruning methods and timing you can ensure your hedges and shrubs are a real asset to your property.

The gardens that are covered with fences and grill gates often need an enhanced privacy, so that people can’t peep into your personal lives. We have brought the solution through attractive hedging of plants and flowers on the walls. They instantly grow over the grills, walls and fences offer more privacy to the family members.

Whatever your requirements, from having an overgrown conifer trimmed to shape or a formal Beech hedge maintained, getting advice on rejuvenating ornamental shrubs or avoiding conflicts with your neighbours under the ‘High Hedges Act’, Tree Services Sydney provides expert advice based on over years of experience.

Tree Services Sydney can undertake a variety hedgerow management, removal and reclamation options that is specific to client wishes, species and lay of hedge. The popular choice of hedgerow management is to trim, reduce, tidy and blend several individual specimens of trees into a single hedge line or to reduce, trim and tidy an overgrown existing hedge line. If a hedgerow needs to be created, then Advanced Tree Services can offer trained, competent professionals in that process in various styles and finishes.

Do you want to grow plants over the walls of your garden that improves the attraction of your home as well? Tree Services Sydney serve you with the best possible alternate through hedging. We suggest you native plants that can grow faster in the Australian atmosphere and let you select the charming ones.

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