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Tree Services Sydney brings you the most exciting services that include the removal of palm trees, palm tree trimming and palm tree skinning as well. Palm trees are known for an exemplary look and beauty, whereas there are certain limitations to its growth. It needs to be removed as soon as possible when it creates risk for the property or the people who cross it in routine. We have a vast exposure of removing palm trees. Tree Services Sydney takes the responsibility of safely removal by our experts, because a minor negligence may cost your higher.

July and August are the months when the tree is finished growing seeds, making this the perfect time to trim the palm tree. You will enjoy a great looking palm for at least 10 months before it is necessary to trim it again. Most customers trim palms trees one time per year. If you wait more than a year the seeds start to fall out and make a mess in the surrounding area. When the seeds fall they can be a slipping hazard and also stain concrete.

It is important to cut off the seeds from the palm tree as soon as they are produced, as they will take away from the health of the palm.
When the seeds are growing all energy from the palm is centered on keeping those seeds extremely healthy. The palm fronds lose their vibrant color during this process and the palm fronds start to die as the energy is systematically sucked out of the leaves and into the seeds. If you trim your palms in August they will have maximum health potential.

After a palm has been trimmed for many years there are remnants of the palm tree trimming left on the palm trunk. Tree Services Sydney offers a service to remove these left over palm skins on the palm trunk. This is called palm tree skinning.

With a razor blade and many years of experience our skilled employee can skin your palm tree and make it look new, smooth and more tropical. Palm tree skinning does not affect the health of your tree. In fact it is beneficial in removing insects and can reduce rat problems since they like to live in the palm skins.

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