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Tree Services Sydney can effectively turn trees, branches and brush piles into usable recycled mulch. Making great use of this resource economically and environmentally. While disposing of that unwanted tree / shrub growth from proposed development sites and from peoples homes. Our whole tree wood chippers can handle branches, limbs and trees up to 50 centimeters in diameter. Our heavy duty wood chipping equipment quickly and efficiently can handle any tree or brush removal job, no matter how large or how small.

Why Use Mulch?

  • Mulch prevents loss of water from the soil. Reducing the need for watering.
  • Mulching can improve soil structure. While it’s decaying produces topsoil.
  • It also reduces the growth of weeds. Reducing that weeding time in the garden.
  • Also it can encourage worms & other beneficial soil organisms. Which help improve the soil.
  • Mulching also can increase the available nutrients for plants.

The Benefits of Mulching:

  • Your lawn and gardens will require less fertilizer and other additives and herbicides.
  • Helps slow the growth of weeds. Less time spent in the garden weeding.
  • Acts as insulating barrier from the heat in the summer. Cold in the winter and from the wind.
  • Mulch insulates the roots of perennials, protecting them against the freeze thaw cycles.
  • Prevents compaction and erosion of soils.
  • Helps to prevent tree trunk injury by mowers and trimmers.
  • Leaf and grass mulching saves you time and money.
  • You can save time bagging leaves and reduce the need to buy yard waste bags.

Useful Tips on Mulching:

If you add 5cm to 10cm of mulch to gardens it reduces the need for herbicides. Also various wood and bark mulches are composed of fine particles and should not be more than five to seven centimeters deep. Furthermore coarse-textured mulches such as pine bark nuggets allow good air movement through them and can be as deep as four inches.

In addition Mulch made up of grass clippings or shredded leaves should be no deeper than 5 centimeters. Because this material tends to mat together. Therefore restricting the water and air supply to plant roots. Also a 5 centimeter layer of pine needles makes an excellent mulch for acid-loving trees and shrubs. It allows water to penetrate much easier.

When to use Mulch:

The best time to place mulch around new plantings is right after they are planted. Because this helps to conserve the moisture in the roots of a new plant until the roots have grown out.

Mulch is best applied in early spring for established plants. This is when plants are starting to grow due to the warmer weather and increased sunlight. Also when weeds start to germinate.

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