Tree Stump Removal Service

When a tree has been felled we can remove the stump completely or simply treat it to prevent regrowth. Stumps of any size and in any location can be removed. We can offer several different options to deal with stump management, either as a result of direct tree felling or existing stumps. Our stump removal experts will advise, taking into account your wishes as well as trip hazards, potential retention/creation of habitats and/or coppice management.

When it comes to tree stump removal, Tree Services Sydney can offer two methods of extraction. The first is a chemical treatment involving the application of Ecoplug technology. This involves drilling into a target stump and applying a fixed capsule of granular glyphosate herbicide, which is released directly into the stump over a period of time causing it to decompose naturally.

The other option to fully remove stumps is our stump grinding service.  Tree Services Sydney is expertly equipped with a range of stump grinders varying from large machines that can quickly grind even the largest stump, to compact models suitable for access through a narrow household gate. After removal of the stump, the excess arisings created by the grinding are refilled back into the resulting hole and firmed in whilst avoiding excess compaction and destruction of the soil structure.

We have a team of highly experienced and notable professionals, who have successfully removed the stumps without any hurdle. They are well trained and groomed to operate the state of the art machinery for grinding the stump, evacuating the dirt and levelling the ground like a stump never existed there. We are dedicated to vanish all your worries that are associated with the stump that is creates discomfort in your routine activities.

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